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Hectic and Event Filled Times

This weekend is going to be a hectic one for Ugu South Coast Tourism in that we will be concurrently involved in no less than three events in our area and in addition to promoting during the week at the Sports and Events Tourism Exchange (SETE) at the ICC in Durban.

In the Umdoni area, we are presenting the Africa Marine and Leisure Expo at Scottburgh main beach which will be a fascinating blend of oceanographic education, sea and land sports, entertainment, craft and commercial promotions- we really encourage South Coasters to attend.

Then inland in the Oribi Gorge, we have sponsored the South Coast Lake Eland Mile which is an ultra swim rapidly becoming a big draw card for participants and media alike.

And to cap it all, we are also supporting the anniversary event for the reintroduction of the airline service from Johannesburg to Margate.

This is not the first time we have committed to events and promotions at the same time- during one weekend in late 2013, we attended 5 such events here in KZN and in Gauteng. You can imagine how extended our staff were!

Our initial research indicates that through these efforts we contribute to a Greater South Coast events calendar that covers at least 250 event days per annum. This is not all our doing as there are a number of clubs, service organisations, schools and private eventers that keep our event vibe on the go and they are congratulated for their sustained efforts.

One would have thought that folk down here would have a bit of a relax before the big summer rush but no, every weekend is an opportunity and with us being a year round destination we must make hay as it were.

We are shortly going to move into a higher level of conference related events by having an in house PCO (Professional Conference Organiser) responsible for selling our area for mainly corporate and professional meetings and conferences.

This initiative we believe will add to those gap filling opportunities which for the hospitality industry is an important bread and butter issue- especially when we can be a very seasonal place to visit.

So everybody before the mainly Gauteng and KZN folk are welcomed from the end of November, there are some jolly things to do this weekend.

Till then we have event promoters to meet in Durbs- enjoy our eventing paradise.

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