TOURISM FOCUS – New Framework Introduces Flagship Event Focus

by Phelisa Mangcu, 26 March 2019

South Coast businesses showed their support in great numbers at our recent business information sharing session. Local businesses that derive direct and indirect benefit from tourism came together to hear experts talk about pertinent topics such as business licencing, environmental health and consumer protection. It was a well received and highly informative event and we wish to thank all the businesses, over two hundred, who took time out of their busy schedules to join hands with us in taking the KZN South Coast forward in 2019.

This partnering is critical to effect impactful change and, even more so, during a time of economic strain – our collective current reality. As businesses are feeling the squeeze, so Tourism experiences budget constraints. However, the inevitable challenge remains for all of us to not lose impetus or heart, to remain strategically and financially focused and to drive progress and growth.

For Tourism this meant the development of a Destination Management Framework and supporting Business Plan that returns the Destination Management Organisation (DMO) to its core dual mandate of Destination Marketing and Development.

Renewed focus has brought with it new approaches to achieving the objectives and optimising spend. For example, in the area of event sponsorship, our new strategy hones in on a few flagship events, which will receive budgeted internal marketing support, as opposed to multiple events receiving minimal “spray and pray” funding with little real marketing value and exposure for the destination. As the KZN South Coast, we will benefit from using these flagship events as a platform to position and market our destination brand.

Upcoming flagship events include the South Coast Bike Fest™ (26-28 April 2019), the Ugu Jazz Festival (29 June 2019), the Ugu Film Festival (12-15 September 2019), Uvukile Gospel Festival (April 2020) and the South Coast Fever MTB Series (7 July-22 September 2019). 

As your Tourism partner, we are still committed to assist with the promotion of all other relevant KZN South Coast events that are of interest to tourists through our Events Calendar, seasonal event press releases, event adverts, Southern Explorer, social media and third party event calendars, as well as through branded event support during selected events.

We look forward to continued and constructive engagement regarding all tourism-related matters: .