TOURISM FOCUS – WFO Hard Enduro Race in KwaNzimakwe and KwaXolo

by Phelisa Mangcu, 23 April 2019

The South Coast Bike Fest™ will take a ride out from the popular coastal town of Margate to the scenic hinterland areas of KwaNzimakwe and KwaXolo on the 27th of April for a WFO Hard Enduro Race, called Margates Madman.

The South Coast is popularly known as a coastal destination, so this race is part of a drive to highlight the tourist initiatives under development in these rural villages and expose tourists to a diversified tourist offering. KwaNzimakwe and KwaXolo both form part of the Great Drives Out collection of authentic rural experiences as launched by Ugu South Coast Tourism.

On the day, the South Coast Bike Fest™ will bring excitement and entertainment to the community in these areas, as well as to the spectators who wish to see a great hinterland race, support the riders, enjoy thrilling entertainment and learn more about these areas.

The race will consist of 2 stages, Stage one (2.2km, starting at 8am) in Margate and Stage two (approx. 35km, starting at 11am-4pm) in KwaNzimakwe with a halfway midpoint spectator point in KwaXolo. While the race continues, entertainment will take place at start/finish pits and at KwaXolo, including shows by biking sensations King Donut, La Riche and Skinny. Food and refreshments will be on sale. The race ends with a prize giving at 6pm at Margate Pier Rock Stage.

The Great Drives Out cultural adventure experiences encourage responsible and authentic culture and heritage explorations in scenic environments, fostering links between diverse cultures and between the popular coastline and lush hinterland, only a drive away.

Experiences are recommended as part of a guided tour with registered guides, so visitors can understand the area, its people and places and so visits are acknowledged, which follows traditional customs.

The KwaNzimakwe Experience starts at the WowZulu Welcome Centre on the R69 Road between Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Ezinqoleni, above KwaNzimakwe “place of the Nzimakwe” Village.

KwaXolo Caves forms part of a series of caves, near the town of Port Edward. A walkway is currently under development to improve access to the prehistoric caves with San paintings that are said to be older than 100 000 years.  

Access to the areas is a combination of tarred and dirt roads, with a 4×4 trail the next tourist initiative to be launched, connecting the KwaNzimakwe and KwaXolo area.

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