TOURISM FOCUS – New Impact-based Performance Measures Approved

by Phelisa Mangcu, 8 August 2019

We are excited to report that we have finally reached the official implementation stage of our new vision, which culminated in the strategic Destination Management Framework. Our new fiscal has started with our Board approving the brand new performance management system and indicators on 18 July.

In tracking Ugu South Coast Tourism’s performance, the entity’s scorecards now reflect impact-based outcomes of programmes and projects and distinguish between strategic and operational measurements.

In marketing the destination, the key objective is to position the KZN South Coast as an accessible, year-round, leisure and business destination of choice in South Africa, with diverse experiences. Its major objective being to increase the number of foreign and domestic tourists into the destination over time. Core programmes include Brand Positioning; Public Relations; Trade Shows and Exhibitions; Visitor Information Services; E-marketing Platforms; Marketing Material and Brand Tracking.

Tourism development and transformation is acknowledged as a major area of focus with the following programmes: Nodal Development; SMME/Entrepreneur Development and Support; Souvenir Development; Youth Development; Local Tourism Awareness; Tourism Infrastructure and Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, which incorporates poverty alleviation.

Research has been identified as an area of focus, with the aim to collect and utilise credible data for strategic usage by the entity towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. To this end, we will establish a reliable research framework for the future, which will also standardise indicators, surveys and reports.

Stakeholder relations are key and this will formally be managed through fostering and implementing effective cooperative partnerships in order to achieve desired objectives, outcomes and outputs.

In order to enable core functions to be performed efficiently and effectively and achieve USCT’s intended outcomes and outputs, our administration will continue to be characterised by good governance and prescriptive compliance.

We believe this paves the way forward, not only for USCT and the destination to have a successful 2019/20, but to ensure a strategic focus on the future for the entity.

Should you wish to view the new USCT scorecards, please check our new corporate website on

We look forward to continued and constructive engagement regarding all tourism-related matters: .