Tourism Routes

In order to provide geographic spread and product diversification, Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) has been tasked to identify and develop tourism nodes and routes within the destination.

In 2017, USCT launched its Great Drives Out (GDO) initiative with 4 routes, the KwaNzimakwe, Nyandezulu, KwaXolo Caves and Mseleku traditional homestead tours. Various products on these rural routes have been identified and are under development. Tourist guides have been trained and the routes have been promoted for guided culture and heritage experiences.

The Great Drives Out rural adventure experiences encourage responsible and authentic culture and heritage explorations in scenic environments, fostering links between diverse cultures and between the popular KZN South Coast coastline and the lush hinterland, only a few minutes’ drive away.

In addition, Umzumbe River Trails and KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trails are currently in development.

Souvenir Development

The need for souvenir development in the KZN South Coast destination has been identified. This will not only provide visitors with locally-made and sourced souvenirs, but will also contribute to SMME support and poverty alleviation.

Multiple crafters throughout the district have been in training and have been provided with several opportunities to showcase, produce and sell their arts and crafts. In addition to the sourcing and distribution through Ugu South Coast Tourism’s Visitor Information Centres, further development and commercialisation of souvenirs are needed to sufficiently support local arts and crafts.