Tour Packaging

“When various travel components are bundled together to be advertised and sold as a single package by a tourism product, vendor or tour operator. This may include any combination of flights, transport, accommodation, tours or experiences, event, tour guide etc.”

The KZN South Coast destination deserves to attract a lot more attention when it comes to tour packaging. The destination is easy to get to and around, it’s affordable with accommodation ranging from camping to 5-star, it has 58 beaches of which 7 are permanently managed Blue Flag beaches, diverse eco-adventures, and is sunny year-round with the warm Indian Ocean lapping its golden shores. Apart from the breath-taking scenery, the destination is also known as the Golf Coast featuring 11 top golf courses, and experiences such as the Sardine Run phenomenon #GreatestShoalonEarth, world-class diving at Marine Protected Areas, Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks, world’s highest gorge swing at Oribi Gorge, world’s smallest desert, over 380 bird species, rare breeding colony of Cape Vultures, and so much more…  These are just a few reasons it needs to packaged to avoid missing out.

The tour packaging opportunities are endless, but here are some ideas of what can be packaged:

  • The Golf Coast
  • Great Drives Out
  • Sardine Season
  • Leisure or Sport Events
  • Business Tourism Pre- and Post-Tours
  • Niche Markets eg Birding, Diving, Surfing, Fishing and many more
  • Weddings
  • Holidays, Beaches or Regions
  • Last Minute
  • Sho’t Left

For details on these and other tour packaging ideas, please see our Tour Packaging presentations.

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